Hi Carole,


I just wanted to say thank you on behalf of Jessica who attended the Saturday class.


She had a great time. It was a great experience for her to learn more about herself, and she has gained a lot of confidence as a result of BU Girl. It was also lovely to have some older “mentor” girls that helped you in the class also.

I will be sure to recommend your courses to other parents/daughters.

Angela Maier  2018

B U Girl
is available in 2020 with classes & workshops now online.

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At B U Girl our unique program is designed to work with parents to help strengthen, motivate, and inspire your daughter to really live to her true potential.

When your daughter participates in our workshops  she will learn how to improve her confidence and self-esteem, build inner-strength and self-belief, grow friendships, improve her health and body-image, manage stress and gain the tools essential for living a happy, healthy and inspired life. 

B U Girl is a safe place for girls ages  5-16 years to gain support while having real honest exchanges about their growth and challenges being a girl growing up in today’s world.

Our classes encourage girls to develop the mindsets known to prevent social and health issues including depression, anxiety, stress, disconnection and lack of motivation and drive.

At our workshops, every girl is accepted, encouraged and celebrated for her individuality and uniqueness by our specially trained Life Coach, Primary educators, Youth Instructors and Mentors.

Through the ongoing support of our program, our goal is to equip your daughter with the inner-strength, resilience and confidence needed to face her world.

Through our varied empowering programs your daughter will learn through, creative art classes, meditation and girl talks. All of our classes focus on building confidence, self-esteem, self-worth, resilience, friendships and fun .

Some aspects of our programs are also adapted  from the   GIRL WISE  books  by author Sharon Witt. 

Shambala Kids Certified training   &  The Choose Real Campaigns as well as the Body Image Movement 

We are delighted to be offering you these and other valuable  tools  in our workshops  for your daughter.

During her time at B U Girl your daughter will:

  • Learn how to embrace her own individuality and uniqueness 

  • Learn how to see herself and her body in a more positive way 

  • Learn the importance of self-care and self-love with improving confidence, self-esteem and body-image

  • Learn how to protect herself from the pressures of bullying and the opinions of others

  • Learn how to be more accepting and supportive of other peoples differences and how this reflects the way she feels about herself

  • Relaxation and stress management techniques to help with the pressures of school, studying, exams and the challenges of life

  • Learn how exercise, nutrition, relaxation, self-care, self-love, creativity and personal connection can have a powerful impact on her future sense of self. 

At B U Girl we are committed to helping young girls by strengthening them from the inside out. We  love to help girls to form an unbreakable love and bond with themselves, so they are better equipped to see, understand and manage the outside influences affecting them.

" you did such an amazing job with Hayley's confidence and self esteem she has been amazing" PJ.

"Your  are the loveliest lady I have ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with Carole.

Every time I’ve left your presence I feel like I am worth my life and I feel  good. Thank you. Thank you so much for your time and care, it means the world to me that someone has been able to get through to me and I’ll be on the road to a better happier life."  X  F.B

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