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Carole Buttiglieri is a Mind Detox Therapist, Life Coach, Mentor and Meditation Teacher, wife and mother to 3 of her own children.



Through my work with tween and teen girls and mothers, I have witnessed mother & daughter relationships heal, families restored, self-worth owned and celebrated, anti-anxiety/depressants thrown out and most importantly girls and women giving themselves permission to love and accept themselves for who they are.

Mothers becoming more accepting of their own life and finding a new sense of self worth.

How do girls do this?

By letting go of who they thought they were or thought they had to be. By observing negative self-talk, healing broken hearts, childhood hurts and limiting beliefs that we all carry unnecessarily in a bid to please others so as to be accepted.

"I believe if we can educate our girls at a young age about who they are, how their minds work, what a healthy friendship looks like, how to make good choices when it comes to peer pressure and not feeling the need to people please, how to stop the negative inner critic, how to like what she sees when she looks in her mirror, then, I believe girls will make better choices that will make them happy, powerful young individuals. They will then lead by empowering others to live a great life as well as their own."

How do mothers do this?

By letting go of who they thought they were/are being or think they have to be. By observing negative self-talk, healing broken hearts, childhood hurts and limiting beliefs that we all carry unnecessarily in a bid to please others so as to be accepted. By being the role model her daughter needs her to be so that she can step into her true self not, what her mum wants her daughter to be because as a young girl, she didn't have the opportunities.

This is where resistance and drama begins with our daughters when they become teenagers.

Having raised her own three children and spending most of her time with women and other mums and girls, she understands all the complexities of a mothers life.


"A mothers past as well as her current life circumstances greatly impacts her parenting journey now. Once her daughter has grown up, it's too late to say "I should have".............

These days,mums can and should take back control of their mindset as it impacts the whole family.

The pressure is real but you get to choose and I'm great at helping you do that."

Carole infuses lots of love, humour and a relentless stand for you, into her coaching work.

Some love letters -

Hi Carole, I was thinking about you yesterday, the last few weeks have been absolutely great for me. Nothings happened, I just feel stable and able to face the world.Im so grateful for having met you & being able to get your help.I've had so much good change and excitement that I have booked into a Yoga course and am very excited. With your help I am such a different person and see the world as it is now.

FLeur B.(2013)

Thank you Carole for a lovely weekend away at our Retreat. It was rejuvenating ,invigorating, relaxing and lots and lots of fun. You made it very special (you are truly talented in your profession) as well as being such a beautiful person. and despite the miserable weather when we arrived on the Friday it didn't dampen the spirit of the weekend. The highlight for me was our early morning walk in the rain on Saturday. But when the sun miraculously appeared during our session , it was perfect.

Rose Leishman (DEC Retreat 2011).

Dear Carole, well its only been a couple of  days since the retreat but thankfully the "good feelings" are very much still with me. I want to thank you for my wonderful experience. I know it sounds a bit silly but there is a definite connection beyond usual & I feel very lucky. So I appreciate the story of the Kookaburra Carole,and again I want to thank you for your teachings. You are a special lady, truly, you are an important guide. Keep well,

Judith Williams (2011)

Carole B is the founder of B U GIRL Workshops.

She spends her time coaching mothers through challenging mother & daughter relationships as well as mums personal journey preventing her from being a truly happy mum.

Her specialty is running Mother & Daughter Retreats, Mother & Daughter Workshops, Fill Your Cup day retreats as well as personalised 1:1 Life Coaching Reset retreats for mums.

You can also find her facilitating Empower Me workshops for tween and teen girls.

As a qualified Life Coach, Mind Detox therapist, Teen Mentor and Meditation Teacher and more recently a Director of Life Ceremonies she has been able to help many families to be themselves and do life brighter.

In April 2013 Carole became Australias first Shambala kids Certified Australian teacher. (CCRT)​

In 2014 Carole became a qualified Mind Detox coach which she draws on frequently to help her clients get unstuck.

In September 2016 Carole became a Body Image Ambassador and is determined to help girls & mums love and accept themselves as part of their self growth.

She has also been trained in Reiki Healing, Relaxation Therapy allowing her to bring about total wellness in mind, body and heart.

Today, Carole can be found running retreats, Life Coaching and Conducting Life Ceremonies, especially Naming Days,  Vow renewals and Transitioning into Teens ceremonies.


Professional Life Coach

Mind Detox Coach

Meditation Teacher

Director of Life Ceremonies

Shambala Kids Coach/Mentor/Teacher CCRT

Relaxation Therapist

BIM Abassador

Standing Strong Licensed Instructor

Police Check  WWC 0904854E

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