Mother & Daughter Retreat 2020



3 Days & 2 Nights at the Collaroy Center

on the

Northern Beaches of Sydney

for mums and girls aged 8+

If you are a busy mum who's ready to spend some quality time with your daughter reconnecting in a fun, loving,supportive environment, whilst securing and strengthening your bond with her, then join CaroleB, Life Coach, Tween & Teen mentor and her team for a heart-centered, soul- powered  retreat on the beautiful northern beaches of Sydney


Fun for mum & daughter

Your daughter will love you letting go and having fun with her


We have it all sorted. Fun things for you to do one on one with your daughter that strengthens your bond


Our famous and popular Mother & Daughter Yoga class will have you wanting more of these moments

The Details for your Retreat

Friday 20th Nov - Sunday 22nd Nov 2020

3 days and 2 nights at the beautiful Collaroy Center on the Northern Beaches of Sydney.

Starts 5pm Friday and concludes at 2pm Sunday.

  • 2 Nights luxury accommodation, twin share with ensuite for you & your daughter in your own space, together.

  • Daily breakfast, lunch & dinner (2 x breakfast, 2 x dinner, 2 x lunches) plus morning and afternoon snacks

  • Group Sessions ( over 10 over the whole weekend) facilitated by our expert team for Mums and their daughters 

  • A beautiful Mother & Daughter YOGA class suitable for all levels of fitness.

  • Themed Party with activities

  • PJ, Spa & Movie night

  • Beautiful photos taken of you and your daughter throughout the weekend.

  • Free time Saturday afternoon to explore the local shops or walk down to the beach.

  • Mothers JAM session with CaroleB

  • Girls chill out craft  session with Renai & Rachel

 Our 2017  2018  2019 2020 Retreats were a sell out due to popularity

Mother & Daughter Retreat 2019

The Collaroy Center

Beautiful location on the Northern Beaches of Sydney. Less than 90 mins by car from the mountains, or 60 mins from Sydney area.

Your own private ensuite

Twin share room with your own private ensuite

Delicious Food

Fresh nourishing food prepared on location by The Collaroy Center. Includes all meals and snack time. No cooking mum!First meal Friday dinner, last meal Sunday lunch.

(Menu Set by venue Chef Only )

Sample Menu

By day we will be creating fun and beautiful connections for you and your daughter. With activities and movement as well as walks in the beautiful sunshine. You'll also have the opportunity to journal together in the lush manicured gardens, or have a meaningful conversation with your daughter overlooking Collaroy beach .You remember the joy of slowing down and taking a moment to catch a few rays of sun – or wander the grounds and explore. At night we have parties, pampering and relaxation. Then you can retire to your comfortable and welcoming room to recharge and relax until our next adventure begins.


Step Into Your Power

The benefits of enjoying a retreat together


Are you craving some love and connection between you both ?

Just imagine the richness of your relationship and the results of you both doing this retreat.

This retreat is for you mum if

You’ve been running nonstop these days and your body, mind or soul are run down, then this is the opportunity you’ve been waiting for to step outside your everyday routine and sink deep into some mum and daughter fun.

After all, there’s no way you can support and strengthen your bond toget
her if you don’t amplify your soul-care first!

So whether you just need a break from your daily routine, know it’s time to check in and reassess your priorities, craving some girl time with your daughter, and you want something that’s going to be really fun for your daughter too so she comes home raving about it and you want to feel taken care of and supported – everything will be organised for you – just turn up!

Meet Your Hosts

Carole Buttiglieri

B U Girl Founder, Life Coach, Mentor

Carole Buttiglieri is a Life Coach,Tween & Teen mentor, a mother of 3, Meditation Teacher and a Body Image Ambassador as well as the first Australian Shambalakids teacher.

She is the founder of B U Girl and has been coaching and mentoring mums and girls since 2012. Over this time Carole has empowered hundreds of girls through her programs, school holiday workshops, private mentoring as well as her very popular Retreats. B U Girls mission is to empower all girls and mums to shine brightly in their own power and drop the labels they are wearing so that  they feel free to live a beautiful fulfilled life.

Renai Galea

Primary school educator

Renai has a double degree attaining a Bachelor of Education and a Masters of Teaching. She has worked closely with students ranging in all age groups from Kindergarten to year six. 

Renai was responsible in programming a social skills program called ‘circle time’ that targeted social development amongst students to form healthy and balanced relationships with their peers, which had a specific focus on how to deal with bullying in and outside of the classroom.

She is a motivated, dedicated and passionate educator who strives to not only academically teach her students but to teach them life skills they can apply towards their personal development with relationships and life’s hurdles.

We are very fortunate to have Renai on the team and to help mums with some very real issues girls experience at school and she is always available  to shed some light for mums at our retreats.

Rachel Catlin

Primary school educator

Rachel has worked closely with students ranging in all age groups from Kindergarten to year six. 

Rachel has an energetic, fun vibe which our girls love. She is a motivated, dedicated and passionate educator who strives to not only academically teach her students but loves to teach support girls in particular with life skills they can apply towards their personal development with friendships and life’s hurdles.

We are very fortunate to have Rachel on the team and to also help mums and girls with some very real issues girls experience at school and she is always available to shed some light for mums at our retreats also.

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My 8 year old daughter and I had a fantastic time at the Mother and Daughter Retreat in October. It was lovely just to spend quality time with her with no distractions. Thanks for a great weekend.


Mum of daughter at 2017 retreat.

LOVED the Yoga, again not something I would do. The first thing I did today was book in for a 6 week Yoga and meditation course for Cassidy and I to continue on with. We loved the vision board activity. The pamper party and movie was great !!! It was fantastic to snuggle together and watch the movie. Was all great and we would love to do it again !


Mum of daughter 2017 May retreat

The mother and daughter retreat was so much more potent than our weekend at the snow as it has specific activities that allows time, bonding and connection with my daughters. Thankyou so much Carole


Mother of 2 daughters 2017

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What is possible by the end of this retreat?

Spend one on one time with your daughter over a weekend  designed to make you feel the love and connection that is unique to mums and their girls.

You feel your heart melt as she opens up to you and you to her.


Energy seems to surge up from deep within the core of your being as you give each other undivided attention and you wonder why you haven't done this before now.


You trace the path that you've made over the past few years through this intentionally designed retreat.


You have a renewed loving energy between you and your daughter as you both take the time to experience fun, laughter and make some deeper connections. 


Your daughter will experience you as mum on a level that she feels inspired by and most of all she feels you are relateable as you too have the opportunity to share.


Girls love seeing this other side of mum.

Say goodbye to guilt

As a mother you tend to feel guilt come up when you think you don't spend enough time having more fun instead of your day to day mothering, making you feel tired and worn out at times.

We know for a fact that it is more about quality time than the quantity of  time spent connecting as mother & daughter.

You will both connect during every activity sharing challenges and opening up new discoveries.

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