Fill Your Cup

a day retreat for mums


Mums if you have been feeling like you need to

RESET your weary body

RECOVER from the drain of being a busy,giving and loving mum and you could do with a day to

REFLECT on what has brought you to this point.

Then come join me to

RE EVALUATE those things that are most important to you and require the most energy, so that you can

RESET your energy goals to allow more clarity and renewed focus on your mothering journey

Well it's only been a couple of days since the retreat but thankfully the "good feelings" are very much still with me. I want to thank you for my wonderful experience. I know it sounds a bit silly but there is a definite connection beyond usual & I feel very lucky. So I appreciate the story of the Kookaburra Carole, and again I want to thank you for your teachings. You are a special lady, truly, you are an important guide. Keep well,

Judith Williams (2011)

Mothers who regularly take time out for themselves outside of the family unit are more likely to be relaxed, more calm and more positively involved with with their children.

Doing this is not indulgent or selfish. It is important for a loving and giving mother to regain her lost energy reserves.


Most mums at some point particularly in their late 30's and into their 40s start feeling and become aware they may be feeling







If you are feeling any of the above, its time you gave yourself time out to 

Fill Your Cup and RESET

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a day retreat for mums

Time 9.30am - 4.30pm

Date: Sunday 25th Aug

Venue: Swami Yoga Retreat

183 Pitt Town Rd, Kenthurst


Cost:$125 incl lunch

this retreat will

Include group RESET coaching, Yoga,workbook,vegetarian lunch,herbal teas

A gift for each mum (valued at $30)

Spend a day with me and a small group of mums who are all carrying their own individual mothering challenges and you will soon discover you are not alone or unique in the way you feel at times.

No two mums can parent the same as we all have different children which all present with their  unique challenges. But it's up to us to find what works well for our families and ourselves individually so that we can have a more  happy and healthy parenting life.

It all starts with you. I will help you throughout  the day explore, come to new and more positive mindsets, learnings and habits to help you create your path the way it will benefit you and your family.

There's no perfect way  to be a mother but a million ways to be a good one


You will Learn, Laugh, Love and maybe even cry (that's OK we will too)

  • Throughout the day you will be engaging in activities designed to help you fill your cup with your self care.

  • You will also reflect on how you can parent  from a place of well being, abundance, and calm.

  • We will help you reset some of the issues you are keeping yourself hostage to.

  • Carole will guide you to take a look at your current life, your beliefs, your parenting style and how you may be sabotaging yourself with your self talk and old beliefs and where you can make some tweaks that will propel you to move out of your stuckness.

  • Our day is packed with thought provoking activities and includes a gentle Yoga & Meditation class to release tension and be open to receiving new perspective.

  • A healthy light vegetarian lunch will be yours to enjoy

  • Carole will guide you through some coaching to help you figure out what is serving you and how to set boundaries and even let go.

  • You will have the opportunity to discuss issues that are challenging you and as a group we will collaborate and share.

  • You will see you are not alone in your struggles and it's great to get some perspective, as busy mums do not always get the opportunity to chat with others at the school gate these days. You are not alone.

  • You will leave with a sense of renewal and some great tips, tools and strategies to take home for a lasting effect on you and your family.

Over the many years of coaching mothers I've come to learn that we all want the truth and authenticity from those around us, especially the people we trust and would like to.

We are pretty good at recognising BS when we see it, we don't even have to smell it.

We are all fed so much BS through so many avenues such as family, friends, social media, maybe even our kids and spouses.

By the time we get to our 40's if not before, we start to ask the WHY?? questions and can find we tend to blame everyone else for how we feel.

eg: why aren't the kids listening to me, why is my husband not getting involved when he needs to support me,

why do my kids behave so badly, why do I feel I suck at being a mum, why does everyone else seem to have their shit together? Why do my in-laws not spend time with our kids? Why is my mother so difficult and righteous?

As a coach I'm able to see past your own BS that you may be telling yourself and is keeping you stuck. I can help you come to new learnings that are more supportive for you. It's like wearing a new lens and once you know something you can't unknow it. You then have a choice.

The other thing about our retreats is that women heal other women.

At every retreat there is something about that energy of being with women who all want the same thing.

Who understand how you feel and that it's OK. No one is judging you here.

There's a new found level of respect, that for many it may well be the very first time you have felt that from other women.

It's quite different to the common fakeness (not even a word) we can experience in unreal friendships.

Let's face it, most of us, if not all of us have a "shitty story", but that story doesn't have to define you.

When you allow yourself to remember who you were "before kids" it creates a sense of more possibilities and renewal.

"I want my mums to thrive as a mother, a wife, a family member and anything else she chooses.

We are our own person first and everything else comes second. Problem is, many mums put themselves last and that is where the disconnect within ourselves begins."

Can you relate?


"Come join me! You'll be amazed at what you can achieve in a day. Then again maybe not, you are a mum after all and that's a hard gig to beat".


Fill Your Cup

Day Retreat

REST your weary body

RECOVER from the drain of being a loving and giving mum

REFLECT on what has brought you to this point

RE EVALUATE those things that are most important to you and require the most energy, then you can

RESET  your energy and goals so you can have clarity and renewed focus.

Q&A about Fill YOUR CUP day retreat

Q: What happens if I have to cancel at the last minute?

A: Up to 2 weeks prior you will receive a refund minus your booking fee.After that NO REFUNDS will be issued, however you can use your credit towards a coaching session or the next available retreat within 6 months only.

Q: Should I come with a friend?

A: Of course you can, but I recommend you don't. This day is designed for you to take time out for yourself, to focus on you. However if you think you both can attend and achieve this, be my guests. Most mums do come solo and often leave with having made some soulful new friends.

Q: What should I wear?

A: Anything that is comfortable and seasonally warm for you. This is a chill out day so gym wear or tights and loose clothing will be best for your Yoga session.

Q: Do I have to do the Yoga?

A: No you don't, you can just hang around until the class is finished. Remember though, Yoga has been added to this retreat because we want you to let go and get into the mindset that will allow you to become open and present to receive on the day. The yoga is gentle and suitable for all levels. The yoga component is non refundable should you choose to not attend.

Q: What do I need to bring?

A: Just bring you, an open mind, a willingness to go deep and an attitude of gratitude for you have given yourself this day off. Plus your Yoga Mat and bottle of water to stay hydrated.

Q: Mobile Phones?

A: As a mum I understand you need to be on call. You will be able to check in on your breaks don't worry. However I do encourage you to cut the cord for the day and immerse yourself in the day to get the most out of it.

Q: I have been diagnosed with depression or anxiety should I come?

A: If you have been diagnosed with depression and there are different types of depressive disorders. Symptoms can range from relatively minor (but still disabling) through to very severe, so it's helpful to be aware of the range of conditions and their specific symptoms. If you think you are at risk please contact for a private chat to see if I feel you will benefit from our day.

Many if not all mums do get triggered when talking about heart stuff but most of it can be cleared on the day. If you are still unsure ask your GP.

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