2020 FEE SCHEDULE for Life Coaching or Mentoring  for your daughter.

Life Coaching all coaching sessions are held on Zoom from the comfort of your home.


  • Getting Started Pack - $120  For parent and child together or just parent undertaking coaching.

       (pre requisite before coaching begins)

  • 3 sessions – $255

  • 1 session - $85 (this is only available as a top up session after Coaching has already been engaged).

  • 3 Month mentoring package see details below - payment plan available by request.

  • Please understand, time is precious and we do book up in advance. In the event you you book a Free call, this means Carole has allowed 30mins for you alone free of charge.

  • If you do not show up or cancel your allocated appointment, sadly we cannot offer it to you again. You may however book a charged  appointment. Payment is non refundable for a no show.

  • Contact: carole@bugirl.com.au


Mentoring for Tween or Teen

B U Girl offers supportive one-on-one mentoring sessions with Carole B a trained Life Coach & Youth Mentor.
Carole's caring and gentle nature enables the girls to feel more relaxed in a non clinical environment.

She understands that sometimes a workshop situation is not the best option and a more personal approach is preferred.

These one-on-one sessions also allows Carole to customise the session to the individual needs.

Some of the common Mentoring Sessions Carole may be focused on are -

* A girl having friendship issues at school

* Having to leave a school and anxiety around starting and settling into her new school.

* Anxiety around starting High School

* Low Self Esteem / Confidence

*Fatherless Daughter ( can include a father who is not emotional available to parent his daughter) 

*Family conflicts

*Strained Mother & daughter relationships

What the mentoring program includes -
* Initial phone consultation to identify your daughters needs, goals.
* 6 x 1 hour fortnightly private mentoring sessions either 1:1 in person, online via Skype/Zoom. Whichever will be best to    

   help your daughter receive the most out of her mentoring.

* Positive guidance and support in a non judgemental manner.
* Fun, supportive and comfortable catch-ups.

* Activity worksheets to complete at home, to keep your young person focused, growing and evolving.

* Unlimited email access to Carole for the duration of the 3 months.

If you’re not sure if mentoring is right for your daughter, please feel free to get in touch. We’re more than happy to chat with you to see if mentoring is the best option or refer you on to a counselor or psychologist if we think that’ll be more appropriate.

Coaching is not counseling. It is a method of supporting parents and teens when they need help and the parent in particular does not feel counseling is the route they want to enter necessarily for their child. If the individual is not presenting with severe depression or anxiety, coaching is a more layback alternative. If some deeper issues present themselves, Carole is able to draw on her training in different modalities, such as Mind Detox, EFT and various other methods which can all be combined to achieve a desired result. The initial consultation will determine the appropriate form of help required and Carole is able to recommend further treatment and specialised care if needed.


Carole's coaching space is in Kellyville, NSW where she has created a beautiful and private area with easy parking directly outside but if you prefer, Skype is more suited to parents who are time poor and prefer to have private face to face online.

It's also how to connect if you are not local.


Each session can vary in length and are no more than 90 mins in one sitting and are tailored to meet your individual needs, targeting issues relevant to you and your family. Good quality positive thinking, self-esteem, trust, standards and expectations, being on the same parenting page, 'discipline', consequences, communication, setting rules and boundaries and ways to stay connected as a family are often popular starting points for respectful coaching conversations.​

Carole has been able to help tweens and teens in a mentoring support capacity for girls experiencing difficulty with friendships at school, communication at home with family, as well as general helping them move past some blocks they may be experiencing as a teenager. Having someone they see as a mentor, not their parent or teacher, someone who remains neutral to them, can allow them the freedom to openly discuss how they are feeling or struggling. They are not alone, when indeed they may feel that they are.

Carole brings  a very calming and supportive coaching style to parents of teens. Having parented her 3 young adults she understands how a lot of behaviours our teens exhibit can be worrying for parents. Carole understands no two teens are the same with every teen being a whole new challenge. What works for one ,does not mean you just repeat, but rather rewind and take another look  at whats different.

Understands the family dynamics start to change when the adolescent years arrive, and how its even more important to stay connected with your teen.Most importantly she understands the role of  Mothering teens and its often the mother who needs all the support to ride the waves.

As with her teen mentees Carole works with mums & dads on a holistic level. We discuss eating and sleeping habits also.This means sharing practical strategies and techniques to support you as a parent raising teenagers whilst looking after yourself and nurturing your adult relationships.

Carole's passion is very much in supporting Fatherless Daughters.

Being fatherless does not always mean your own father has passed.

Being fatherless also means - a father abandoned you from a young age, is emotionally unavailable as a result of drug and alcohol and other addictions whether still living in the home or has left.

If your daughters father is not a part of her life, this will have an impact on her and you when raising your own daughter.

You owe it to your daughter to deal with anything that is preventing her from being her best self.

"Thank you so much for last night it was so amazing and even with me being in the room she opened up so much about things I hadn’t heard her speak of before. Everything you said is perfectly aligned with the stuff I have been working on myself in the past few months." (name withheld for privacy)

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