Enjoy a Reset Urban Retreat

Are you a stressed mum at the moment, feeling overly tired? Are you looking to refill your tank emotionally and physically? Would you like to show up as the best version of you most days and continue to give energy to the people you love.

Maybe you've lost a connection with your wants and needs as a result of constant self sabotaging head talk and you'll benefit from time out to reset.

Perhaps family life, work and just having to keep it all together is wearing you out.

If you answered YES to any of these questions then our Reset Retreat is definitely an option for you.

This weekend recharge was created for the busy modern woman who would love to retreat but find it difficult to make time away from her life for too long.

A Mini Retreat to renew without leaving Sydney and allowing yourself to release the stress and confusion you may be confronted with daily. You will be fully supported here whilst you rest, release tension and restore clarity.


This personalized Retreat will re-awaken your zest for life so you can step back into your life with a passion and your purpose at this time.

As a trained Life Coach & Mind Detox therapist Carole is personally there to provide you with the support you require to RESET at your own private Urban Retreat.

You'll want to visit again and again! 

Your host Carole B

"I draw on my wisdom & intuition to create an amazing life changing experinece for my ladies"

With over 30 years experience in making women feel rejuvenated and re-energized

I love being the support you need to help you bust through all the negative BS that is holding you back or keeping you stuck!

What to expect

  • Private 1:1 Creatrix Transformology  sessions over your 3 day stay.

  • We will bust through whats holding you stuck and clear your sabotaging thoughts and behaviours

  • Clear the way for you to regain your self esteem

  • Personal Journal & Notes

  • Spacious schedule so you can rest

  • Personal Gift to further support your journey

  • Your own beautiful comfy accommodation for  2 peaceful nights

  • Unlimited Herbal Tea, Coffee

  • Supper on check in day

  • Light Breakfast for both mornings

  • Lunch on Day 2 & 3

  • Morning and afternoon tea for duration of your stay

  • All linen

  • OPTIONAL EXTRAS -choose one.

      can be arranged for an extra fee - must be booked prior to your stay

  • Afternoon 2 hr pamper - Facial & Massage Treat

  • Reiki

  • Yoga

Your own personal Sanctuary

Retreat from your day- to- day and leave the kids with family. It's a short rejuvenating break, but long enough for you to rediscover what's important to you and how to make you a priority for your own happiness and sanity.

This RESET Urban Retreat is your opportunity to relax, rejuvenate and reconnect with your authentic self.

No longer do you need to jet away to far locations to re-fill your tank full of energy.

The RESET Urban Retreat is conveniently located in the heart of Kellyville.

Two nights and three days, with everything to help you invest in your wellbeing.

2 nights 3 days weekends or mid week available.

"The Discovery room is an oasis of tranquillity which is a testament to Carole’s commitment to the physical and spiritual well-being of her clients. It is a place where just stepping through the door from the garden, brushes the cares of daily life from your shoulders and after the time in Carole’s sensitive care, sends you renewed once more back into your world.  Carole is a gifted and utterly professional health-care practitioner who, with real generosity of spirit and empathy, takes great care to create an atmosphere of serenity and a healing experience for her clients. Our visits to Escape from the Ordinary are a most valued part of our lives now and contribute in many ways to our continued wellbeing." Suzanne Morrow

"Hi Carole, I was thinking about you yesterday, the last few weeks have been absolutely great for me. Nothings happened, I just feel stable and able to face the world. I'm so grateful for having met you & being able to get your help. I had so much good change and excitement that I have booked into a Yoga course and am very excited. With your help I am such a different person and see the world as it is now."

FLeur B.(2013)

"Dear Carole, well its only been a couple of  days since the retreat but thankfully the "good feelings" are very much still with me. I want to thank you for my wonderful experience. I know it sounds a bit silly but there is a definite connection beyond usual & I feel very lucky. So I appreciate the story of the Kookaburra Carole,and again I want to thank you for your teachings. You are a special lady, truly, you are an important guide. Keep well"

Judith Williams (2011)

"Hi Carole, thanks so much for the most wonderful weekend I have had in a long time. I have been spreading the word and hope many more women will join you and get as much out of your teachings as I did on the weekend." Angela B

Is it time you took some time out for you?
This RESET Urban RETREAT is specifically designed for women who need time out to reclaim their self worth and find peace of mind within.

3 days, 2 nights accommodation, 2 breakfast, 2 lunch, supper board on arrival plus 3x 90 min private coaching sessions, plus a gift for you

  $655.00 plus booking fee

Optional - Massage, Reiki, Facial, available at extra cost and must be booked at time of reservation.


We are able to offer a payment plan with a non-refundable deposit of $255.00 plus 2 further payments of $200 plus fees prior to your retreat.

Please contact carole@bugirl.com.au

Please note: Dinners supplied by you

Are you fed up with your head talk aka voice inside your head that feeds your BS and self loathing, negatively impacting your life?

  • I'm a bad mum

  • I'm hopeless

  • I can't control my temper

  • I'm useless

  • No wonder my husband isn't attracted to me

  • No wonder the kids don't listen, all I do is nag everyone

  • I'm always in a bad mood

  • I can't cope anymore

  • Everyone is luckier than me

  • They don't have my children

  • I feel guilty when my house is a mess

  • Sick of being sick and tired

It's as easy as


Have you had enough?

Are you ready?

Book it in


Commit to your transformation

Leave the rest to us

You will have full support for your mind body and soul

Remember the more we focus on those things that cause overwhelm,

the less we see of the rest of our world... CaroleB

Retreat from your day-to-day and rediscover the energy and vitality that flows through you.

The RESET Urban Retreat is your opportunity to relax,rejuvenate and reconnect with your authentic self 

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