During a coaching session Carole believes a holistic approach is the best way to help our youth. This means helping a teen realise her worth and reaching her full potential.  The way to a happy, healthy life is through her mind , her body  and her soul.

Carole draws on her experience as a Mind Detox Therapist, Coach/Mentor, Shambala kids CCRT, Meditation Teacher as well as her Certifications and parenting her own 3 teenagers plus many of coaching hours experience with young people.

FOR TEEN GIRLS 10-17 years

Carole is a big believer in the power of prevention and action, especially when we are talking about mental wellness and happiness. Her B U Girl workshops are especially targeted at the youger girls for she beleives the earlier we can help our girls the better.


Young people often have many family and friends in their circle of trust, but sometimes talking to a mentor outside their circle can support adolescents to grow and learn different ways.


Carole is a parent to 3 young adults, so she knows how beneficial it is for teens to learn and master skills which support the ongoing growth of positive mindset, self-esteem, resilience, optimism and confidence; all the elements which help young people to be better equipped to thrive in our modern and sometimes complex world.


Research indicates that the TOP 4 issues for young people in 2016 are Mental Health, Family Relationships, Emotional Wellbeing and Dating/Partner relationships; issues that young people need skills to handle and understand.


A one-hour private coaching session with Carole in her Kellyville, Discovery Room, home office or if you prefer Skype or phone, is relaxed,comfortable non threatening or clinical and often joined in with her Bischon 'Max' by her side. The girls love him.


Conversations often revolve around school, friendships & frenemies, confidence, self esteem, decision making, stress, abandonment, family relationships, homework and planning, self-doubt and worries, handling change, body image, success and failure or anything else that your daughter wants to talk about.


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