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Oct 2020 

Carol, I just wanted to take a moment to thank you, although words are really not enough to express how I feel, I'll try. I was completely lost in the issues that you Creatrixed me on. I could not move past this point, therefor limiting myself from achieving all that I was worth. From the beginning you helped me feel safe and understood. By focusing on your voice and following your direction I was able to achieve a FULL break through like i've never had before. I've had coaching sessions in the past that never completely took away the blocks. Now.... It's just not there. GONE! I feel confident and excited to get out there and start my business to support others. I highly recommend Carol to anyone wanting a complete break through from their limiting beliefs. Beliefs that have held them back all their lives. Carol...thank you thank you.



This workshop taught me about how to overcome things that I thought were big things but in reality weren't. It taught me that my mean girl can go away if I want it to or realise what she is saying is not real at times.(Name withheld)

I found the workshop very helpful and inspiring. It helped me to see myself and others in a positive way.I found each session interesting and they engaged my attention perfectly. (Name with held)

Thanks,really enjoyed the classes.Finally understand how relaxation works.So glad that I came. R.Reece

The classes have allowed me to learn to have time to myself where I can get quiet in my mind. Carol has been great & makes you feel comfortable during your time. It is a great atmosphere also. C.Reece

Coming to the Discovery Room on Mondays has been such a joy. The smell of the beautiful oils, the tranquil music,gentle water fountain, flickering candles - a beautiful restful escape from my busy life.

With love and grattitude Carole. Ros Christ.



Hi Carole


I just wanted to say thank you so much for what BU Girl has already done for (name with held for privacy) . She has loved it and has gotten more out of the 3 sessions she has had with you than several trips to a psychologist.  We are eagerly looking forward to the Mother/Daughter Retreat – however, (name with held) is wondering if there is anything else on offer that might suit her before that weekend?


Many Thanks

T. S. (Feb 2017)

Bella said to me today "My behaviour has been so much better lately Mumma, it's because I'm happy! BUGirl and meditation has really helped."
She also went on to say that she doesn't get in trouble as much anymore and when we do have to speak to her it's more around learning to make good choices.
We noticed Bella's self esteem and her positivity increasing slowly throughout last term, and it really seems to have stayed. Her outbursts out of anger or frustrations have become less over time and the intensity when they do occur are less.
Our whole conversation made my heart happy. She's very excited about not only the workshop later this month, but also about seeing you again.
Thank you so much!
Fran S. (2016)

Many thanks, we are still seeing Chloe’s increased self-esteem as she navigates Term 4 at school and are delighted with all the new knowledge and skills she learned during her term with you.  It has been invaluable.

Kaylene P (2016)

Your workshop has been so beneficial for the girls, they jumped at the chance when I asked if they wanted to do the holiday workshop! Jodie S.(2016)

Thank you Carole. Imogen came home so happy and confident- she hasn't stopped smiling! Such a beautiful program for young girls. Judy W.(2016)

Some of our Meditation Class testimonials

You have helped us on a remarkable recovery of life, and shown us how to enjoy the things around us. And when things start to get tough you have planted in our minds how to stop,think,meditate, even for a short time to make us realise we can get through it and we can cope. I have been to many different professionals to help with depression. Even when they have put me through the meditation process, none have taught me how or explained why and the advantages. I dont know how to thank you enough.Kerrie B.



Thank you Carole, This is the most wonderful course. I have been waiting and searching for so long to find a course like this.I have come away having learn't techniques to relax and I look forward to following up with casual classes.

Karen (May 2011)


I have found that I am not as stressed in my life. My kids have noticed a difference in my mannerisms.I feel more open and connected with my kids.

Rose L.(May 2011)

Carole I would just like to say that I truly look forward to coming to meditation on Wednesday nights! Your room has such a warm, calming and welcoming feel about it! Your meditation class was the best thing I have done! I will recommend this to everyone! Elissa Bidner / Kellyville (Feb 2011).

I am so thankful that I found you..... you are very giving and gifted in what you have chosen to do. You have taught me to use my meditation in everyday life and breathe properly, looking into my inner self.

Thank you for organising the retreat, I am so looking forward to it, have not been to anything like that in my life... can’t wait.

Thank you so much

Karen A.

The room is amazing & very relaxing.Leave your troubles behind. 

P.Jones (2011)


Thank you Carole this is the most wonderful course. I have been waiting and searching for so long to find a course like this. I have come away having learn't techniques to relax and I look forward to following up with your classes.

Karen (2011)


I have found the meditation to be very beneficial for me.Makes a big difference having a smaller class,it makes the whole experience more personal.

Linda B ( 2011)

Some of our Coaching,Relaxation Therapy & Retreat testimonials

Relaxation Retreats:Thank you Carole for a lovely weekend away at our Retreat. It was rejuvenating ,invigorating, relaxing and lots and lots of fun. You made it very special (you are truly talented in your profession) as well as being such a beautiful person. and despite the miserable weather when we arrived on the Friday it didn't dampen the spirit of the weekend. The highlight for me was our early morning walk in the rain on Saturday. But when the sun miraculously appeared during our session , it was perfect.

Rose Leishman (DEC Retreat 2011).

The Discovery room is an oasis of tranquillity  which  is a testament to Carole’s commitment to the physical and spiritual well-being of her clients. It is a place where  just stepping through the door from the garden brushes the cares of daily life from your shoulders and after the time in Carole’s sensitive care sends you renewed once more back into your world.  Carole is a gifted and utterly professional health-care practitioner who, with real generosity of spirit and empathy, takes great care to create an atmosphere of serenity and a healing experience for her clients. Our visits to Escape from the Ordinary are a  most valued part of our lives now and contribute in many ways to our continued wellbeing

Elizabeth Vidot

Suzanne Morrow(2011)

Hi Carole, I was thinking about you yesterday, the last few weeks have been absolutely great for me. Nothings happened, I just feel stable and able to face the world.Im so grateful for having met you & being able to get your help.I've had so much good change and excitement that I have booked into a Yoga course and am very excited. With your help I am such a different person and see the world as it is now.

FLeur B.(2013)

I had to go to the dentist over the last 6 weeks. I was very anxious about it. He asked me last week what I was doing formy stress because he noticed I was different, calmer.

Mary S. (2010)


Dear Carole, well its only been a couple of  days since the retreat but thankfully the "good feelings" are very much still with me. I want to thank you for my wonderful experience. I know it sounds a bit silly but there is a definite connection beyond usual & I feel very lucky. So I appreciate the story of the Kookaburra Carole,and again I want to thank you for your teachings. You are a special lady, truly, you are an important guide. Keep well,

Judith Williams (2011)


Hi Carole, thanks so much for the most wondeful weekend I have had in a long time. I have been spreading the word and hope many more women will join you and get as much out of your teachings as all of us on the weekend did.

Angela B.

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